Our Mission ... Our Dream ...
To immerse Native American youth alike in the old ways of teaching

and rich tradition, bringing about an authentic spiritual and cultural revival.

Addictions breed in isolation and separation, this vision provides a new promise of hope for future generations of Native communities, because

at LWHC we know that ‘together we can do what we cannot do apart.”

Today, Native American youth have the highest suicide rate in the country. Epidemics of "Silent Suicide Pacts" between the youth have spread throughout isolated reservations.
Often having no direction or guidance, they medicate their psychic &  emotional pain with alcohol, drugs, violence
and promiscuity in a desperate attempt to bond. Lacking a spiritual connection, these disadvantaged Native American youth find little to hope for in their future.

Our strategic plan is to restore vision to Native American youth and their families, combining indigenous wisdom and spirit, and technical media training through Lakota Way Healing Center's WARRIOR CAMPS:

"Warrior Healing Camp."

Our long-term mission – build a permanent
Lakota Way Healing Center. Located on the Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota, the Center will be situated
on 100 acres of rolling hills and badlands, donated by our
Executive Director. With a fertile river valley, it is a
place where spirituality and cultural tradition can be the
inner keys that provide a resilient foundation toward
a life free of abuse and addiction …
to one of confidence, courage, beauty and blessing.

"Warrior New-Media Camp"